"Jennie Avila sings original songs with an energizing presence. She accompanies herself with acoustic guitar, conga drum, and kokirikko (an instrument that resembles a snake vertebrae) and exotic hand percussion. A trafficker in in goosebumps, Jennie brings an incredible magnetism to the stage. Her earthly voice swings agiley from muddy earth growls to mystic ethereal whispers with heart touching lyrics that stir the soul. 

Jennie Avila's new solo cd release, "Naked in the Rain", showcases original songs dedicated to all courageous women and their journeys. A portion of the proceeds of Naked in the Rain will benefit "A Womans Place", the battered women's shelter of Bucks County, PA. The cd features backup performances by some of the Philadelphia area's finest folk musicians: Jay Ansill, Chip Mergott, Rolly Brown, Larry Cohen, and Full Frontal Folk. Naked in the Rain was recorded by Scott Hartley of Rednose Studios and Emmy Award winning Sean McClintock of Moooo!

In the summer of 2004, Jennie joined the Maryland based folk trio, HOT SOUP. Along with Christina Muir and Sue Trainor, Hot Soup serves up a delicious mix of melodies and harmonies.

Check out Hot Soup and their new cd, "THE WAY YOU LIKE IT" at

Simultaneously, Jennie created "Aca-Perco", a new acapella percussion duo with master drum maker, Stephen Wright. Their performances feature Jennie's vocals, her collection of international percussion instruments and Stephen's unique handmade ceramic drums. Find out more at and